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C. 2012 – 2018


  • Kristin helped me to edit and launch my first book on Amazon. She is a great professional and person to work with. Setting her own deadline, while remaining flexible, Kristin was instrumental in my successful completion of this project. A few more already in discussion. I highly recommend Kristin!

    Dmitry Kondratyev
    Dmitry Kondratyev Author, "The Four Wheel Alignment For Your Life"
  • Kristin is an outstanding writer in all media. I have admired her skills in both creative writing and social media and marketing. She has flexibility to respond to the medium, and a high degree of creativity to invent new forms and types of content. She’s a talented creator who has excellent skills with photography and layout that create compelling brand messages. Kristin is an invaluable jack-of-all-trades who would be a creative inspiration in any environment.

    David David Katzman
    David David Katzman Author, "A Greater Monster"
  • Kristin is a versatile writer, experienced with both print and online media (social media, articles, original fiction, etc.). As a graphic designer, she has successfully collaborated with difficult clients to create fabulous marketing materials. Kristin is also an excellent public speaker and very personable, with the ability to convey information in a straightforward and accurate manner.

    Roxane Waldron
    Roxane Waldron Consultant, Washington State


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