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Hi! I'm Kristin Ides. ✌︎ Growth & demand gen marketer with 10+ years of in-house & agency experience. I build audiences to scale B2B & B2C SaaS startups.

start with the basics. build + grow from there.

Startups move fast. The market moves faster. Pressure to speed up is everywhere, but vanity metrics harvested in haste aren’t scalable, sustainable motions. Growth starts slow by building with the basics. The way you structure, measure and analyze your marketing determines the outcomes.


Take a strong position and communicate it to your audience. Discover your USP (unique selling proposition) and then refine that statement until it answers questions before your prospects ask. Have fun, use colors, invest in design. Tell your own story.


Hang out with your audience, where they are. Analyze channel content and demographics to find the right fits. Dig into a niche and listen to what people have to say about your offering. Layer complementary channels with targeted messaging.


Make it interesting & valuable. Create the guide you wanted last year—or you'll need in the next. Then repurpose that one piece across media, remix and distribute. Localize your content for global audiences. Optimize for reach over gated form fills.


Consider your customer, their jobs to be done, their lifetime value, your revenue, your targets. Understand the brand, channels and content you need to execute on goals. Build campaigns that are measurable and scalable. Plant, & grow.

The Growth Ecosystem

Plant What Grows Well Together

Content feeds into a campaign that nourishes your overall growth strategy. Consider the impact of seasonality, breadth & time on the motions you’re building, and how different platforms work together to fertilize the soil of your marketing garden.Till the most fertile ground for your audience—find and own a niche. Understand where your audience consumes content, spends time and truly engages. Then make a picnic and invite your prospects. Get to truly know them, and watch the results flourish.

the fertilizer for growth

A few of the marketing fundamentals you need to till through your soil. Every campaign I design is arranged with these fundamentals at the roots:

  • Localized messaging that speaks to real prospects

  • First-party data analytics (from owned properties & communities)

  • A strong brand identity & clearly-communicated vision

  • Ideal customer profile (IPC) + well-defined personas

  • Revenue targets, acquisition costs & lifetime values

ty, clients 🤍

Kristin's deep platform knowledge helped grow my YouTube channel, subscribers, fans and sales.—meant., musician

Kristin's recommendations, design and aesthetic where fantastic. She was a joy to work with.—Donn Felker, developer

Thanks for the quick turnaround and great copy! Exactly what we needed! Highly recommend!—Brad Carroll, Dakno Marketing

The Marketing Habitat

Marketing grows best in the soil of campaigns, so you can measure, analyze, iterate & scale.

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