Kristin Ides

Marketing for startups. Late-nite copywriter. 🧛🏻 🌚 Get my actionable writing and growth marketing tips 👇


Hey! I'm Kristin Ides ✌︎ I've worked in early-stage startups for founders trying to solve problems in verticals including in virtual reality, fintech and integrations.I specialize in growth marketing and conversion copywriting. I'm available for freelance services for startups, indie makers + writers and incubators.


  • Conversion Copywriting: Copywriting that generates leads. Emails, landing pages, websites, ads, mailers—you name it.

  • eBook Publishing: Editing, layout, cover design, HTML & CSS formatting for distribution on KDP, Smashwords, etc.

  • Growth Marketing: Brand strategy, personas and ideal customer profiles (ICPs), acquisition channels and more.

  • Sales & Marketing Automation: Creating event-driven sequences to move prospects through the funnel, such as retargeting and onboarding.

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